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07 March 2009 @ 01:16 am
Evil hackers are evil.  
I'm not sure this is especially prevalent in the SPN community but there are a rash of hackings on LJ lately that appear to be targeting communities. It seems if you have not purged your old e-mail accounts on LJ - or set up a security question - your journal(s) and communities may be at risk.

The hackers have been purging all of the posts in the affected comms/journals and - worst of all - they make a modly post on a comm claiming they're closing down the comm with links in the post that lead to websites that contain malware/spyware which, in turn, infect your computers.

If you think you may have clicked on a link like that, run some anti-virus software before you finish reading this. :)

Wonder how this could happen? An example... say I started my personal journal using a Hotmail account which I have since canceled. Hotmail - because Microsoft is kinda stupid - recycles old Hotmail account names. The evil-doers somehow discover that my journal is linked to this old e-mail address. They sign up for a Hotmail account using THAT e-mail name, go into my journal and reset the password and take control of my journal - and any comms I might admin.

Now... none of that has happened to me. :) I can't speak specifically for lady_rock but I feel this community is safe. It's small and full of the awesome. But it is good to know for other comms you might visit. Plus, it's a good reminder to keep your info secure and up to date - including your security question. If anyone tries to change your password, they'll have to answer that first. :)

More information - and an example of the post they hackers are making - can be found HERE and HERE.
Information on how to protect yourselves can be found HERE.

This post is a variation on one by goodbye_anymore at tvfilm20.

Please... resume your lives! :D
- Karen